Our IT team provides a range of services to the CUS board, executives, service council and affiliated clubs.

  • CUS Email Address – CUS members serving on the board and executive or service council are provided with a personalized @cus.ca email address and mailbox for CUS-related work. Chairs of services and conferences can request @cus.ca email addresses for their executive teams provided they can show the need for them.
  • G Suite – The CUS uses a host of G Suite applications (Google Apps) such as Google Docs, Sheets, Drive, Calendar, Contacts etc. Members can use their CUS email accounts to access these services.
  • Domain Registration – if you require a domain name for use with a club/service website, you can have our IT team register and manage this for you.
  • Basic Website Hosting – The CUS maintains its own dedicated server which it uses to host the main CUS website (www.cus.ca) as well as other service and affiliate club websites (e.g. omblogs.cus.ca or www.ubctacs.org). If your club/service requires web hosting, our IT team can provide this service free of charge.
  • IT Consulting and Support – we provide IT support and consulting should your team require services related to the development and deployment of particular technologies, applications or websites. As our IT team grows, we see this becoming an important service that will help clubs/services achieve their goals and objectives.
  • CUS Website Access – should you require login details to post content on the CUS website, please request these by contacting our IT Director.
  • Team Drive Access – depending on your position/role in the CUS, you will be given access to different team drives. To request access to a particular drive please speak to the executive in charge of your portfolio who will then request access from the IT Director on your behalf.